Mr. Tosh's 4th Grade Class

All About Me

I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a graduate of East Stroudsburg University.  I have been teaching for six years.  During my six years of teaching I have taught 5th grade as well as 4th grade.  On top of teaching, I also have other jobs in the district.  I am currently an assistant coach for the girls varsity basketball team (Go Lady Cavs).  I am a big sports fan, and enjoy reading various magazines and newspapers.  I am excited to start the new school year, and look forward to working with the children.


2010-2011 Specials Schedule

Day 1: Music 

Day 2: Physical Education

Day 3: Music

Day 4: Health & Physical Education

Day 5: Art

Day 6: Library


Friday Folders

Every Friday your child will come home with a folder that contains completed and graded work for that week.  The Friday Folders have two sides.  One side is the "sign and return" and the other side is the "keep at home".  The "sign and return" side will contain all of the tests and quizes, and the "keep at home" will contain school newsletters and reminders of upcoming school events.  I ask that Friday Folders are returned to school each Monday.