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Parent Information


Dear Parents,

My name is Mrs. Turk. I am the Business Education Teacher at Royal Oak High School. Your son/daughter is taking one or more of the following Business classes: Accounting, Entrepreneurship or Business Management. It is my expectation that your child come to class daily, on time and prepared to learn. Please speak with your child about the appropriate use of their cell phone. The classroom environment is not an appropriate time for them to be on or using their cell phone for any reason. Your cooperation in helping to address this matter is greatly appreciated. The following is an overview of what your son/daughter is learning in my class.

  • Accounting - Students will learn how to journalize transactions for a service business organized as a proprietorship and a merchandising business organized as a corporation. They will utilize various journals and see how they all tie together for accuracy and efficiency in keeping track of an organization's financial transactions. Microsoft Excel will be utilized to prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements. Students will also learn to prepare a personal income tax return along with other real life skills


  • Entrepreneurship In this course students will learn what it takes to start a business and maintain profitability. Topics will include writing a business plan, conducting market research, promotion, selling, cash handling, inventory control, accounting and human resources. This course also involves the operation of a school store.


  • Business Management  This is a comprehensive course in which students will learn about business concepts and skills that are needed in today’s competitive business environment. These business concepts include Finance, Marketing, Operations and Management. Through this course students will gain valuable information and skills for the workplace, expand their thinking skills, create management and organizational skills and develop team working abilities.

I am looking forward to meeting and/or corresponding with you during this 2019/2020. school year!


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