Classroom Reminders


Your child is responsible for completing a "Main Project" each nine weeks.  The students will bring home writen directions, but they are also located under the "Main Project" tab on our website.  Below are what the assignments are each nine weeks.  They are due on the last day of the nine weeks, but may be turned in at anytime during the grading period.  

  •  First Nine Weeks- Book Report on one of the Summer Reading Books that you child read.
  • Second Nine Weeks- Timeline of your child's life including drawlings and pictures.
  • Third Nine Weeks- Shoebox Diorama of the Revolutionary War.
  • Fourth Nine Weeks- Consumer Project- Ceral Box design of new product that the student creates, how it is to be used, and why it is needed.

Every Friday READING LOGS are due.  Students are responsible for reading an additional 90 minutes outside of the classroom.  Please do not use reading as a punishment.  Reading is meant to be fun and is the foundation for lifelong learning.  Acceptable reading material would be chapter books, educational magizines, and education articles.  Please sign off on your students reading so that they get full credit each week.

 This year we have PE on Monday and Wednesday.  Please make sure that you child wears appropriate shoes for PE so they can participate and get full credit.