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Guide to Writing Essays


Here are some guidelines that you can follow when writing an essay at university. Essay defined when you have to compile a report that requires more than a few paragraphs, where the may be data collection, data analysis, and conclusions. This guide can be applied in various stages which can be done many times while writing an essay. For example, you can re-read and note down some important parts when you find that text useful. The important thing is to write as soon as possible, which in the writing process we usually will find new ideas that we can develop next. When you have started writing, then writing activities will become easier and less confusing. Usually, the writing that has been made can also be reviewed again and then added to or refined into your final essay.



Make sure that you understand the purpose of the question well. Because in the end you have to proofread you work. It would be better if you use an essay proofreader online. It will make the process much easier. Identify keywords contained in the question given, then analyze what the desired answers are by the intent of the question.



If you can, start reading for essays 4 to 5 weeks before collection time. This will give you enough time to study the topic while developing your argument. Remember to read as needed, ask yourself:

"Is this reading useful for my topic or argument?"

"Can this support my answer?"

"Do I have to read other things in order to answer the question from the essay?"


• It is very important that you record all the references from the book you are reading. Include name author, date, title, publisher, and place of publication. For journal articles, include the volume and number published. Photocopy of parts of the text that are useful.

• While taking notes, note the difference between summarizing and refraining. Refreshing and summarizing can be useful as an alternative to using direct quotes. Repeat. Repeating the most part of a reading, where the summary contains only the points main. In both cases, however, you must refer the information to the author the original. This is to prevent you from being suspected of plagiarism

• Use the system to take notes. Some people use paper cards, others

using the manila folder. Review your notes to identify which parts of the note exist oversized