Intensive Reading with Mrs. Underwood

Achieving our classroom goal (outlined below) will require the cooperation of parents/ guardians, students and teachers.


Classroom Goal

This year the goal of our classroom is to promote a healthy appetite for reading and to increase the skills that are already present so success is achieved not only in this class but in every other one as well. It is a firm belief that all students are eager to learn and ready to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. It is the fostering of this belief by all stakeholders that will help make this a reality. To also help in this endeavor, we will need supplies, organization and procedures. These are outlined below.  


Necessary Supplies

If there is any difficulty obtaining these supplies, please contact me ASAP  or call (305) 247-4244


  • One three ring binder (1 inch)
  • Five dividers (Students may make the dividers out of tape/post its and paper.)
  • Duo-Tang with fasteners and two pockets in the color assigned to your period. 1st: Red  2nd: Orange  3rd: Yellow  4th: Green  5th: Blue  6th: Purple  7th: Red  8th: Orange
  • loose leaf paper
  • pencil or pen (blue or black ink only)


All of the above materials can be purchased at the Dollar Tree and are due September 6th/7th


Class Organization

Notebook: (1 inch binder or larger) Most of your materials will be kept in your binder. You must bring this binder to class every day or if space permits it may be stored in class in the assigned crate.

Label its dividers according to the model below:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Bell Ringers
  3. Benchmark Notes
  4. Class work
  5. Homework


All South Dade Senior High expectations will apply in our classroom.


I need you to and expect you to:


  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Do your best which requires believing in yourself, being prepared and always trying as hard as you can. Arrive on time and prepared.
  • Show respect to other people, the environment and yourself. Respect others as well as class materials.

I need you to answer the next two questions about your expectations:

  • Why are you here?
  • What is necessary in order for you to accomplish your goals?



At the beginning of class:

  1. Turn in Homework to the homework folder.
  2. If it is the first day of the week pick up your WOW sticker.
  3. Be seated and quiet.
  4. Read the CBC so you will understand the day’s expectations.

During class:

  1. Sharpen your pencil when necessary. You do not need permission.
  2. Save trash until after class or during movement of groups.
  3. Bathroom/water policy:
    1. Please do not ask to leave class unless there is an emergency. Anyone who consistently asks to leave will need to schedule an individual conference with the teacher.
    2. No one will be excused during the first or last 10 minutes of class or during whole group activities.
    3. Sign out on the bathroom/water log and take hall pass.

At the end of class:

  1. Pack up your belongings only after you have been asked to do so.
  2. Clean the area around your desk before you leave push in your chair if appropriate
  3. Remember the teacher not the bell will dismiss the class.



  • Homework is to be turned in to the Homework folder before class begins.  I will collect the folder once class starts and if your homework is not in there then it will not be graded.

Late Work

  • Late homework is not accepted. If it is due to an absence then please see absentee policy.
  • I will accept late large assignments or projects (100 point projects, research papers, etc.) for one week after the due date. Students lose one letter grade for each day the assignment is late.
  • Students will not be allowed to turn in bulk work at the end of the term.


Please be seated and ready to begin at the appropriate time. If you are late, the school tardy policy will apply:

  1. 1st tardy—warning
  2. 2nd tardy—call home
  3. 3rd tardy—detention with the teacher /call home
  4. 4th tardy or more—referral/call home


  • With an excused absence, you may make up missed work for full credit. Missed work must be turned in within one week of your return to school.
  • Unexcused absences are not eligible to receive make-up work.
  • Make-up work may be obtained in the Make-Up work mailbox. If you are absent, check the mailbox for missed work.
  • If there are questions concerning the make-up work they will be addressed outside of class (preferably right before or right after school).

Classroom Culture

We will work hard to have a positive classroom culture, and to celebrate that culture in many ways (positive phone calls, increased privileges, etc.). In instances where that culture is disrupted, consequences will include teacher detentions, parent/guardian contacts and administrative referrals.



Grades will be obtained through a variety of sources and activities

  • Daily work which includes bell ringers, vocabulary, computer work, independent work, intervention work as well as whole group activities.
  • Weekly grade which includes being on time and prepared for class and includes class participation.
  • Tests, Papers, Projects, and various Reading Assessments
  • Notebooks will be checked regularly.  
  • Progress reports will be sent out according to the school calendar as well as the teacher’s discretion.

Promises to students

  1. If you ever feel I am doing a poor job of living up to these promises, please schedule an individual conference with me. I work very hard to make sure that I am true to my word.
  2. I will always believe in your ability to succeed. This means my expectations are extremely high. I will demand your best at all times.
  3. I will listen to you. I ask that you bring questions, concerns or comments to me in a calm, respectful manner at the appropriate time. Individual concerns should be addressed in individual conferences that can be arranged by seeing me before or after school.
  4. I will respect you, and I will insist that others respect you in our class. Please let me know, in an individual conference, if you ever feel disrespected.
  5. I will never assign work unless I can explain why it is important. I do not believe in busy work.
  6. I will work hard and happily. I took this job because I love teaching, I love reading and I love my students.
  7. I will learn from you. You are smart people, and each of you brings experiences and perspectives to the class that will benefit the group. Please share your viewpoint every day!

Looking forward to a great year of learning and growing!

Mrs. Underwood