Reading & Writing

Use this websites to research, create graphic organizers, & explore and play games! - This amazing website has many resources for you! It includes Britannica Online, a reliable and accurate encyclopedia for your researching needs, CultureGrams, which includes videos, media, images, fun facts, and more about any state in the U.S. or country in this world, iCLIPART, which has photos and clipart for your projects, soundzabound, which has a variety of audio files, BookFLIX (PreK-3), where you can read and listen to books, and more! Ask your teacher for the username and password. - There are many activities, games, simulations, graphic organizers, online field trips, and more on this website! You can narrow your search by grade level and subject, or search to find an activity that is of a topic of interest to you. - If you need to create a semantic web, or brainstorm ideas by webbing the topic, this is the place for you! - Create a Venn Diagram of your own here. - Would you like to connect with other students and classes worldwide? This website gives you the opportunity to brainstorm and create projects that make a difference in our world such as Black History, Team Earth, Biodiversity, Storytelling, and History. See what other kids are doing to make a difference, create your own projects, and share and publish them online! - This Funbrain website has books, games, comics, Mad Libs, and more. Enjoy! - This is PBS & Iowa Public Television's Media Center! There are a variety of videos, documents, and interactive activities available! - Find lists of books that you would enjoy here! This site has many reading ideas for you! There are arts & crafts, biographies, cartoons & humor, fiction, books, mysteries, puzzle books, reading of interest to boys, science fiction & fantasy, vocabulary, and poetry.

Have you been learning about someone you admire, or reading biographies? Here are a few creative ways to express what you have learned!

Create a fake facebook page of a character or famous person at Fakebook here: See an example of George Washington's fakebook page:

Design your own book! Create a storybook by manipulating (moving on a story page) characters and objects, designing or picking your illustrations, and developing your own story: or at (here you'll have to create your own free account).

Discover the real places your favorite book characters have traveled at