Social Studies: The World, Geography, History, and more!

Are you interested in animals, nature, countries around the world, or important, world-changing events in history? This is the place for you! - At this BBC (British Broadcasting Company) site you can learn about history through simulations, videos, animation, photos, sounds, quizzes, and activities. - This National Geographic site has fun activities and projects, videos and photos, a mapmaker tool, magazines, quizzes, games, and more! - This is the National Geographic Kids site. Find games, videos, photos, and fun stuff like jokes, crafts, cartoons, recipes and contests! Learn about countries around the world, animals, news, and nature. - At, you can discover things about our government, careers, American History, the states, and more. Play games or do fun activities, read biographies, find links to other cool sites like NASA Kids' Club or Smithsonian! Learn about pretty much any topic you would like here! - Are you interested in cultures and countries around the world? This is the place for you! You can get a penpal here, chat with other kids around the world, tour interesting places like the Eiffel Tower through virtual tours, learn all you would like to know about a country (its weather, flag, national anthem, geography, economy, holidays), or play educational games. - At CultureGrams (through you can find information about the states of the United States or any country around the world. Discover the land, climate, and history; learn about the people, customs, lifestyle, and society. Listen to the national anthem or view photos, videos or slideshows. Read interviews, learn about famous people, or even try out some recipes! You can print a full report of the country, or view a summary of the most important data. - Are you interested in Colonial Days in America (the time of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson)? At this site you can tour the town, read stories about the lives of the people, play games, and complete fun activities such as a trivia maze. - This site has an incredible amount of information, activities and games about American history! Find PowerPoint presentations, information for your research, recipes, and interactive activities. - The Now & Then videos at this Libertys Kids website are funny and interesting! Learn about the strange (to us) customs of the people during Colonial Days. For example, did you know that they cleaned their teeth by brushing them with bricks?! Discover more here! - The Cost of Life is a UNICEF game about life in Haiti. Play this game to help the Guinard family make decisions about life, school, volunteering, spending money, work, and health care in order to survive and flourish in their challenging circumstance.