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5th Grade Research Project

Optical Illusions

How does the eye work?

How do optical illusions work?

Try out optical illusions... how do you think they work?

World War 2

Why did Jewish people wear a six-pointed star (Star of David)?

What caused World War 2?

Learn about Anne Frank

Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor? (username: cunninghamelp, password: cunningham)

Solar System - Here is lots of information about our solar system, the planets, Sun, and objects in space. - Search for information about each planet by clicking on the links at the left of this page. - Learn the most important facts about each planet, learn memory tricks, quiz yourself to see how much you know about the solar system, and more. - There are fun activities, explorations, and games here! - Find answers to specific questions about the solar system. - Search NASA's site here. - Learn about each planet and compare the sizes of the planets.

Get 2 Months for $5!