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Ms. Boodoosingh (Mrs. Singh)

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to World History - 6th Grade. Get ready to enter an exciting world of discovery and wonder as we explore various countries and cultures around the world. We will familiarize ourselves with basic concepts of Geography, Citizenship, Economics and Culture. We will then retrace our steps as we go back in time to the early civilizations. We will visit Greece, Rome, India and China and learn about their rich heritage and culture. There will be at least one project each quarter; some projects will be rather simple and can be completed in class while others will be more complex and may take days or weeks to complete. All students will participate in the History Fair and will also have the opportunity to compete on a District Level.

Textbook: My World History by Pearson.

Additional resources will be incorporated during the school year.

Please remember to check the Homework and Important Notices links regularly to remain current on dues dates for homework and to be aware of upcoming events and important news related to school.

PARENTS: If there are any unwanted items around the house that can be used in the classroom, please feel free to donate to the classroom.

FUN FRIDAY: Fun Friday is a fun-filled day that is used as an incentive to motivate students to be diligent and conscientious academically and behaviorally. The criteria for the first FUN FRIDAY is that students need to have all homework assignments completed on the team. Students who have all homework assignments completed  will be eligible to participate in this FUN FRIDAY. Additionally, students must display appropriate behavior in school and adhere to all school and classroom rules and policies. The criteria for subsequent FUN FRIDAY days will be announced in class.


Assessment: 40%

Classwork: 40%

Homework: 20%

GRADE RECOVERY: If a student scores unacceptably on an assignment or assessment, the assignment/assessment will be sent home for a parent signature, student must make the necessary corrections and return all work to teacher for a higher grade.

PINNACLE: Please check Pinnacle often to keep informed about grades. In order to log into Pinnacle, you will need student ID number and date of birth. An "X" means that the assignment has been excused and does not affect the final grade. A "Z" means that the deadline has been extended and the assignment is being awaited, however, the "Z" is calculated like a "0" in Pinnacle. A "0" means that the work was not turned in. Late work will earn a late grade of 50% of the total possible points.

CONFERENCES:Parent Conferences can be scheduled by contacting Ms. Lamarca in the Guidance Office. Conferences are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:25 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. It is important that your child is present at the conferences. If a translator is needed, please inform the Guidance Office.

VOCABULARY.COM: Students will be required to complete assignments on Instructions for each assignment will be provided in class. Students may join my class by entering the respective URLs into the browser: