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Dr. Anderson's Biology Page 

Paxton High School, Paxton, Florida    

Phone:  850-834-2090


Course Requirements

1. 3 Ringed Binder

  • 2-2 ½ inch rings
  • We will keep this as a class. Every day the titles of assignments and page numbers will be written on the board. Students are to copy them down in their table of contents each day and number their pages in the top right hand corner each day. Assignments are to be kept in this order. There will be a portfolio check every test day. Some assignments given in class will be graded during the binder check. Cornell note taking will be graded during the binder check. Any missing assignments, incomplete assignments, out of order assignments or not keeping a table of contents will result in a point deduction.

2. Materials

  • You must bring these things with you everyday biology meets:

q Colored pencils (This will be for a grade!)

q Textbook

q Pencil

q Binder

3. Policies


· Labs and homework are due at the beginning of the period. They will be counted as a zero if you are working on the completion of them after the bell rings or do not hand them in at the beginning of class when collected. Partially complete is better than a zero.


4. Absences

  • Check the on-line syllabus.
  • It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get make-up work.

· The day you return to school, you need to pick up your make-up work and see me about filling in your lab notebook. You get one day for every day absent to complete assignments. Ex. If you missed a gold day and return to school the next day, then you need to come to my room to pick up missed work even though you don’t have class.

· Pick up class work you missed in the file folder marked honors biology.

· Turn in any work that was collected while you were gone. This is your responsibility!

· Make arrangements for SRT for labs that you missed or for help on things you don’t understand.

· If you DO NOT complete a lab you missed while you were absent, it will result in a ZERO!!!! YOU ARE NOT EXCUSED FROM CLASSWORK IF ABSENT.

· If your absence(s) are unexcused, each absence will result in a 2% reduction from the six weeks grade.

· You will be expected to make up missed tests in class or in SRT the day you return to school.

· If you are absent the day of a review for the test you are still expected to take the test the day you return to school; again check the syllabus!

5. Participation

You will be given 50 points at the beginning of each grading period. Points can be deducted for the following reasons:

· Not following lab safety rules such as wearing goggles. You will be asked to sit down and you will be unable to participate or to make up the lab, which will result in a zero.

· Not participating in labs, class activities, videos, and class discussions.


· Failure to clean your lab station and glassware. All materials should be cleaned and returned to the original set up. Failure to clean your station will result in points deducted from participation.

· Your ability to participate in class discussion will be kept track of on a daily basis; completing the readings and reading guides should prepare you for class discussion.

· Disruptions or interruptions could result in points deducted from your participation grade.

· If you have any electronical device such as a cell phone, IPod, headphones or other they will be taken away from you and there will be a 5 point deduction.

· Eating food, candy, drinks other than water, or suckers.

· If you leave class to use the restroom or locker, it is a 5 point deduction from your participation grade.

· If you are visiting other lab stations for answers during a lab points will be deducted.

· Messing with lab equipment without permission or breaking lab equipment from horseplay or purposefully will result in a 10 point deduction.

5. Lab:

  • You will be assigned lab groups.
  • Sometimes you will turn in labs stapled together with your group, sometimes they will be handed in independently, sometimes they will be graded in the binder, sometimes they are done simply for learning and will not be graded, and other times you will be given a lab quiz.
  • Your lab will be graded as a group if it is turned in as a group. Questions will be selected randomly off of each person’s lab to be graded. Be sure to discuss each answer thoroughly.

6. Grades:

  • Grades are weighted

q Tests 40%

q Labs/Activities/Lab Reports/Projects 30%

q Homework 10%

q Participation (Portfolio and class behavior) 20%

· Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a ZERO on any test, quiz, lab, or homework assignment for both parties involved (THIS INCLUDES COPYING



A = 100-93 B+ = 89-87 C+ = 79-77 D+ = 69-67 F = 59 and below

A- = 92- 90 B = 86-83 C = 76-73 D = 66-63

B- = 82-80 C- = 72-70 D- = 62-60

  • The final exam is departmental and will be worth 20% of your final grade.
  • Each Nine weeks will count as 40% of your grade.
  • A required COMPREHENSIVE Core-40 test will be given in the spring. This grade will show up on your transcript. You may NOT participate in Skip a Final for the first semester final exam due to the Core-40 End of Course Assessment.

Calculating Nine-Week Grades:

(your homework points X 10) + (your lab/project points X 30) + (Test/quiz points X 40) + (participation X 20)

Total homework points Total lab/project points Total test/quiz points Total participation points

** Be sure to keep everything in your portfolio for your records and to use to study for entire semester**

August 12 - General Science Exam Ch 1

August 15 - Biology Exam Ch 1

August 15 - Physics lab exam

August 16 - Physics Exam Ch 1-2  

August 4 -14 Physics.  Study of external forces, friction, and vertical climb




I expect all homework to be completed and placed in the designated homework basket before the start of the class period. 

All homework is due within a 24 hour time period (next day).

Weekend and holiday homework is due the day school resumes.


Each class has a designated area on the HOMEWORK WHITEBOARD.  Please look to see what your homework assignment is as the assignment is posted weekly.