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We are a manufacturer of three-phase asynchronous motors. Our goal is to provide customized solutions for the market and customers, whether it is a single product or a complete set of equipment. Although the markets, applications, and customers are different, Wuzhou has a unique idea to guide customers to success. For any consultation and feedback, we will reply patiently and carefully. For any inquiry, we will give reasonable quotation as soon as possible. For any new product, we will communicate with customers and take their ideas into consideration to make the best product. For any order, we will finish the production on time. We will spend time and energy to solve every problem, no matter how common it is. We will always accommodate to you, and you can find that we can speak your language and know your technology. This is why we have successfully cooperated with so many customers from different countries. We have always based on the enterprise tenet “high standard, high precision, zero defect”, adhere to the work style “pragmatic and integrity, never give up, team work, keep improving”, sincerely welcome new and old customers.

With this tool, you'll find your home on a map and draw an area on the roof where solar panels could be installed.

Go online and find a calculator like the one at recsolar. In most cases, I recommend installing a system that will supply the number of kilowatts you need during the lower use months. However, there's no sense in producing more cooling tower motors power than you can use ' unless your power company will buy it back from you. This penalizes people who don't conserve. You can buy any amount you need over that, and you'll pay the lower rate. (Unless you're looking at a larger system with an eye to selling excess power to the power company. You'll need to look at a variety of factors for your specific home and your family's needs. You ll need to take this into consideration later when you re figuring out how much you won t be paying to the power company. There are some fixed costs to the any system, so you'll often get more kilowatts per dollar with a larger system. The tool will then give you an estimated price.

How Many Panels Do You Need?

Let's start with the size of the system. Still, there is no one size fits all answer to this question. They probably fluctuate a lot.I'm going to define the cost in terms of years to break even. First, collect your electric bills for the last year. The one I used gave me the price for a Premium system, but also offered a Value and a Starter system. You are currently paying the electric company every month, right? So if you pay for solar panels up front, then you'll stop paying the electric company, or at least significantly reduce your bills.com. This means that if you can just reduce your dependence on the power company, you'll save a lot of money. You'll need to see which size you need to cover your lowest month. You'll need to tell the tool the approximate pitch of your roof and whether you get a lot of direct sunlight or if there are obstructions. How long until you've saved enough on electric bills to match the price you paid for the system? After that, you have free power, except for occasional maintenance of the equipment. It's best if you can find something similar in your area, since labor costs vary.

You could get a system that will supply all your power needs, your average monthly needs, or something less than that. Most people find that running the air conditioner in the summer drives up the electric bills. The power company usually charges less for the first kilowatt you buy each month than for the last one. You ll be paying much less than you are now, but it won t be zero. You may be limited by the amount of square footage of roof that would be amenable to holding photovoltaic panels. This will help the tool determine how much energy each panel will produce.

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