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My Name is Ciara Vargas
My Cell Number is (267) 562-4952
Email- cvargas1@eastern.edu

Areas of Expertise
for 3rd Grade

Language Arts
Creative Writing
Test Preparation

Classroom Policies

All students must be responsible for their actions. Each and every student is expected to be respectful

at all times. Be prepared for class each day. Work cooperatively in groups. Be honest and use your manners

daily. All students are expected to report for class on time. Documentation must be provided for any absences.

A physician's note must be submitted for 3 consecutive absences or more. Make up homework must be submitted

within a 3 day time frame. It is the student's responsibility to copy homework assignment from the chalk board each

day. Classwork has to be completed during class time if not must be taken home as additional homework.

Grading Scale

Our grading scale is as follows:

A – Outstanding (90-100)

B – Good (80-89)

C – Average (70-79)

D – Needs Improvement (60-69)

F – Unsatisfactory (59 and Below)

Upcoming Units of Study

  • Sometimes Snow Falls in the Summer, by Deb Troehler
  • Third Grade Super Reading Success by Sylvan Learning



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