May 4

May the Fourth Be With You :)

Religion Read and complete pgs. 211-213 and complete any activities


Math  -  Note: We are skipping around… We are going to Lesson 27 and learning about time.   Look at the Family Letter on pg. 587-588.  Zoom lesson complete pg. 589-590. Students work pgs. 591-592 and check using this loom video

Watch BrainPop video on Time to the Hour (under dashboard, in your assignments)

Complete your xtra math: Use or as the teacher email.  Use your first name, and your pin to login. 


Author Study:  This week we will learn about Judith Voirst and her writings! 

Watch If I Were in Charge of the World:


Grammar: Write a poem/paragraph about if you were in charge of the world.  What would you like to happen?  What would you not like to happen?  Watch the brain pop video on poems for help and inspiration. 

Social Studies-- (green My World book)  Read and complete pgs. 268-273 answer questions and complete activities as you read.