May 6

Wednesday May 6

Religion  How does God make us a new creation? Write in your religion journal about what God makes new in your life.


Math  Zoom lesson - complete pg. 599-602.  

Students work pg. 603-604.  Check using this loom video--

Complete your xtra math: Use as the teacher email.  Use your first name, and your pin to login. 

Word Study: These short videos will be placed on the website on the Word Study tab so you can review them over the summer.   You may watch them all at once or a few today, and a few tomorrow. 

  1. IRD Consonants, Consonant Clusters

  2. IRD Open Syllables,  Vowel Pair Syllables, Vowel R Syllables -

  3. IRD Closed Syllables, Vowel Consonant E Syllables,  Special Situations, Final Stable Syllables -

  4. Yellow Deck Base Words, Derivatives, Prefixes, Suffixes

  5. Yellow Deck Root Words and Combining Forms

Reading Watch Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday


Grammar Finish writing your poem using the template paper you were given yesterday.  Send a copy of it to your teacher by Friday. 

Social Studies-- (green My World book)  Read pgs. 276-281 and **complete questions on pg. 281 and send a photo to your teacher.