May 7

Thursday, May 7

Religion Why do you need God? Write in your journal about how you can turn to God when you are in need. *Send your favorite journal entry to your teacher by Friday


Math Zoom lesson - complete pgs. 605-608.  

Independent work pgs. 609-610.  Check using this Loom video--

Watch Brain Pop Jr video on Elapsed Time and complete the quiz (under dashboard, in assignments)

Complete your xtra math: Use as the teacher email.  Use your first name, and your pin to login. 


Reading   Go to Raz-Kids. Read at least 1 story and take the quiz. *This will be your reading participation grade this week or use the Kids A-Z app on a device.

Velasquez class - Use caitlinvelasquez for the teacher username, then pick your name, and use your default password.

Watch Alexander Is Not Going to Move

Word Study  Review any Word Study Videos that you didn’t watch from yesterday-- You can go to the Word Work Practice tab to view them.

Grammar  Which was your favorite Judith Voirst story? Why? Tell someone in your family about it. 


Science  Watch the Generation Genius video:

If a parent can help you, complete this mystery science lesson.  If they cannot, you can just watch the videos without doing the experiment!  *Write down 2 things you learned from science this week in complete sentences.  Send a photo to your teacher

Specials Be sure you have completed your Spanish work for this week, plus any work assigned by your specials teachers.  See the Library tab for fun news from Mrs. Crown. Our online book fair is still happening!