May 8

Friday, May 8

No new work required. :O)

Be sure you sent these photos to your teacher: 

Your If I Were in Charge Poem

Religion journal entry

Pg. 281 from your social studies book

Writing - 2 things you learned in science this week 


Be sure you completed these online activities: 

Raz Kids-- 2 books and 2 quizzes (Tues/Thursday)

Brain Pop Jr. assigned movies and activities (Time to the Hour, Time to the Minute, Elapsed Time, Poems)

Xtra Math-- At least once

Watch the Mystery Science videos/Generation Genius videos for science (it's okay if you can’t do the activities, but watching the lessons is required.) 


Optional Social Studies - Plan a Family Getaway Budget Activity:

Optional “Flat Teacher” project: 


Oh, the Places We Will Go!  

A reminder about next week:  Next week is an “Enrichment Week.”  Third Grade will be taking a virtual vacation, so pack your virtual bags and be ready to for some fun!  (Daily plans will be sent as usual for next week, but no work is required. Students may also use this time to make up any missed assignments or grades lower than a 70.) 


  • Monday - travel with us to explore the world’s greatest Tree Houses!  Build your own STEM tree house this week with cereal boxes and other materials from around your house. 

  • Tuesday - travel with us to San Diego Zoo!  Learn all about your favorite animals. 

  • Wednesday - Mrs. Johnson will lead us on a virtual field day!  Attend Virtual Mass with us, then let’s get moving!!! 

  • Thursday - travel with us to explore Disney World!  Learn all about amusement parks and what makes them fun! 

  • Friday - travel with us as we swim with the dolphins!  Let’s learn about these magical creatures and how we can protect them.