Spelling words

                      Spelling Words February 13, 2012

                       red: part, park, dark, farm, warm, far, car, hard, are, yard, smart

Purple: start, charm, charge, arcade, smart, alarm, shark, party, carpet, artist, department

Brown:  artistic, department, particular, Arkansas, remark, archive, Arizona, artifact, enlarge, bookmark, transparent






ing Words February 6

Red:  catch, bath, thank, wheel, touch, shoe, both, match, mouth, fish, shout

Purple:  shouting, fresh, thankful, beach, bathtub, catcher, whine, chase, witch, graph, chocolate

Brown:  whirlpool, birthday, chocolate, pitcher, package, machine, champion, wheelchair, children, shoulder, themometer




Spelling Words Week of December 5

Red:  safer, harder, better, longer, darker, bigger, tallest, coldest, coolest, slowest, greater

Purple:  cleaner, greater, better, braver, smaller, largest, biggest, longest, fastest, saddest, rounder

Brown:  rounder, younger, thinner, louder, happier, strangest, greatest, smartest, kindest, freshest, happiest


Spelling words Week of November 28

Red:  bell, off, fall, add, hill, egg, will, call, odd, fill, grass

Purple:  mess, shell, grass, recess, press, kiss, drill, tell, carrot, spell, across

Brown:  impress, assess, assign, butter, guess, gazelle, vanilla, trespass, attitude, struggle, squabble




Spelling words Week of November 14

Red: trip, slip, lost, step, glad, flat, tree, stop, glue, flip, brave

Purple:  swim, club, stone, brave, steep, space, slip, next, storm, town

Brown:  swallow, trouble, drizzle, smear, cluster, branch, statue, broken, trickle, toast



Spelling words Week of November 7

RED: pin, fun, nut, big, duck, pick, sink, jump, grin, chin, truck, luck

Purple:  first, know, grow, throw, snow, shirt, third, skirt, hire, wire, tired, grown

Brown:  babies, carries, tries, ponies, bodies, pennies, worries, daddies, berries, marries, flies, fries


Please do one activity a night!!!



Spelling words and homework

Week of October 31, 2011


List 1:        

I’m              he’s             they’ve                 you’d                             aren’t                             haven’t                 we’ll

Don’t                   isn’t            it’ll                       she’s                     you’re

List 2:        

I’ll               you’ve        aren’t                             shouldn’t              can’t                     doesn’t                   didn’t

hasn’t                   he’d            we’re                    couldn’t                they’ll

This week’s homework:

Monday: Write each contraction three times. Circle your neatest try for each word.

Tuesday: Make a chart and label four columns—Contraction, word one, word two, and letter removed.

          Fill in the chart for each of your spelling words.




Word one

Word two

Letters removed




n, o


Wednesday: Use spelling words in a sentence and underline the spelling word.

Thursday: Write a letter to your favorite sports hero or musician. Include all your spelling words and underline each one in your letter.

Spelling words

Week of October 3, 2011


List 1:         chief            field            thief            seat             weak           sweep                   sheet           key             

          leaf              peace          feast            please


List 2:         believe        piece           shield          leave           beneath       sneeze         speech          teeth 

          week           peel             lease            clean 



Spelling words

 week of September 26, 2011


** This week your child will take a spelling pre-test on Monday of the two spelling lists. Your child will write the words in their agenda that corresponds with which list they will be tested on Friday. I will also send home their pre-test with either L1 or L2 written at the top.


List 1:        

claim           clap             cradle                   crash           flake            flag            

          free             fresh           sleep           slide            smell           smart


List 2:        

classmate    clamp         crayon        crazy           flashcard     flavor                   

freeze          frame          sleeve                    slice            smock         smash