Vocabulary Words

Force Vocabulary-test will be next Thursday November 3rd


force-push or a pull that can make something move


motion-the act of moving


wind-moving air


push –a force that moves an object away


pull –a force that moves an object toward something


     friction – a force that keeps resting objects from moving and tends to

                      slow motion when one object rubs against another object.


gravity – a force that pulls everything toward the ground


mass – the measure of the amount of matter in an object.


weight – the measure of the force of gravity on an object.

Vocabulary words

Week of October 3, 2011


Vocabulary Words:

 Bushy: fluffy or thick like a bush

Costume: a set of special clothes

Disguise: a costume or make-up someone wears so no one will know who it really is

Handsome: good-looking

Mirror: a piece of glass you can see yourself in

Mustache: thick hair that grows above a man’s lip


Vocabulary for Matter



matter- what all things are made of; it’s everything around you


mass- the amount of matter an object has


property- a characteristic of matter


solid- all matter that has a shape of its own


liquid- matter that does not have a shape of its own


gas- matter that always fills all the space inside a container


mixture- something made up of two or more things


reversible- able to be changed back to the way it was before


irreversible- not able to be changed back to the way it was before