Teaching Experience--K-12 Education

Literature and Composition Instructor, Department of English, Stevensville High School, August 2003-May 2011.  Taught English courses.  Prepared students for college entrance requirements.  Differentiated instruction for a variety of student ability levels.  Courses taught included:

  • Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition
  • Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
  • Honors American Studies
  • 12th Grade British Literature
  • 11th Grade American Literature
  • 9th Grade English
  • The Vietnam War in Fiction and Film
  • Drama I-IV
  • Journalism
  • Science Fiction
  • Mythology
  • College Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Reading Fundamentals

History Instructor, Department of Social Sciences, Stevensville High School, August 2003-May 2011.  Taught history courses.  Designed lessons based upon state and national standards.  Facilitated student learning using differentiated instruction.  Communicated with parents and community.  Integrated cross-curricular instruction.  Courses taught included:

  • Advanced Placement United States History
  • Advanced Placement World History
  • Honors American Studies

Reading Tutor, Stevensville High School, Stevensville, MT, October 2009-May 2010.  Tutored high school reading intervention students one hour before school every morning.  Facilitated developmental reading and writing instruction. 

Pre-Service Teacher, Department of English, Billings West High School, January-April 2003.  Taught freshman and junior level courses.  Coordinated instruction with mentor teacher.  Differentiated instruction to fit individual learner needs.  Courses taught include:

  • Honors Junior English (American Literature and Composition)
  • Early American Literature 
  • Extended Studies (Gifted and Talented)

Essay Instructor, GEAR-UP, MSU-Billings, July 2002.  Taught personal essay writing in a small group setting.  Prepared students for personal presentations.  Instructed writing process, editing, and formatting techniques.  Worked specifically with Native American students to facilitate cross-cultural communication. 

Volunteer Tutor, Reading Fundamentals Department, Dobson High School, Mesa, AZ, September 1999-January 2000.  Assisted students having reading/ESL difficulties.  Coordinated lessons with lead instructor.