Important News!


Thank you for the book orders with Scholastic! I have received orders from the Tinoco Family, the Ramos Family, the Ross Family, and the Penningtons. When you order online, we get $5.00 for the that helps tremendously. If you choose to do the check and paper order, please have all your October orders in by this Friday, the 5th.

Reading Logs are still missing from a few students. We have established a new important habit. We are going to keep our Reading Logs in the back of our Red Folders! This way, parents, you can oversee the 2nd graders logging their minutes and I can check to see if we are reading regularly before the end of the month hits.

The alternative is for the students to do a Weekly Reading Log. I would prefer that we stay with the Monthly Reading Log as it still serves its purpose well (as long as our kids are reading and logging minutes) without extra paperwork and effort EVERY Friday.

Parent Conferences begin next Friday, October 12th. We only have 20 minutes to confer, so I will be very prepared for you! Thank you to those of you who filled out your "Introducing Your Child" forms from Back to School Night. I am still accepting them, but please have them in by this Friday.