Computer Science One

1.      Click the Start Button 2.      Find the Disk Defragmentation program and open it. 3.      Click the Programs icon 4.      Click the Accessories icon 5.      Click the System Tools icon 6.      Click the Disk Defragmentation icon7.      Click the Analyze button – the program will analyze your hard drive 8.      Do what the result screen says – If it says your hard drive does not need defragmentation, you probably will not benefit from doing it. You can close the program. Otherwise, proceed to the next step. 9.      If the program says your hard drive needs defragmenting, click on the Defragment button. 10.  Allow the program to do it’s work. It will take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to defragment your hard drive depending on: the size of the drive, the amount of fragmentation, the speed of your processor, the amount of your operating memory, etc. 11.  When the program has completed, close the program window. If there are any error messages make note of the error and print the log of this process to use in future maintenance or repair of the hard drive.