Extra credit assignment

Research on a Selected Animal

Guiding Questions for your Report


1.   Common name:__________________ ___Scientific name:_____________________


2.  Where does it live?  (Show the location of its habitat on a map)


3.  What is its lifespan (How long does it live?)


4. What does it eat? And, when does it eat? circle one: day or night

5.  List some of its predators:


6.  What is the difference between the male and female?


7.  What are its breeding patterns (how does it find a mate?)


8.  When does it have its offspring (time of the year)?  What is the gestation period (how long is it pregnant)?


9.  Why did you choose this animal?


10. List 3 important facts about this animal that you did not list before. (i.e. is it a nocturnal animal, specific adaptations to its environment, etc.)