Math Curriculum Overview

  District 97 Overview:

updated 6 May, 2007

Mathematics Kindergarten


  • Verbally counts 20 or more objects in a random arrangement
  • Performs interrupted verbal counting beyond 100
  • Counts backward from 22 or higher
  • Counts by 2s beyond 30
  • Counts by 5s beyond 110
  • Counts by 10s beyond 110
  • Reads any number, 100 or less
  • Writes any number, 100 or less
  • Understands 2-digit numbers in terms of 10s  and 1s
  • Reads 3-digit numbers

Operations and Computation

  • Understands basic meanings of addition and subtraction in real situations, in children’s own number stories, in oral problems, with concrete objects, and on number lines.  These concepts are generally assessed with oral rather than written exercises
  • Recognize and understand ½

Measurement and Reference Frames

  • Estimate time using the hour hand only
  • Know the value of a penny, nickel, and dime; recognize a quarter

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