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News Assignment ! Due May 28th or 29th!



Description: You will be working in groups of six (6) to bring a “silent movie” to video. Each group is to choose a , setting, conflict, action, climax and final resolution of the conflict. Each “silent movie” will be presented using NO Dialogue whatsoever.

Time: “Interview 2-5 minutes in length.




News story assignment due May 28th Humans of Roosevelt

1.    photo and interview any person who works or is a student at Roosevelt

2.   individual project with video team

3.   photo portrait Humans of Roosevelt

4.   must have interview

5.  create downloadable file to move to web


Research media jobs. Pick one and do a short 2 minute video on your job choice.

Answer questions from career questions page.

Video Rubric handout.

Due: January 26th.