Script Example


We see a train coming down the tracks as it is entering the station. The decorations and lights tell us it's Christmas time. The train comes to a stop and we see a young man escorting a very pregnant woman. They work their way through the crowd and there are people who are giving each other holiday greetings. We see that the couple is alone and no one is greeting them. The young man makes his way through the crowd to a place where he can hail a cab.



JOEY, age 25, college drop out, thinks of himself as a people person, is on his cell phone. While he is talking, he is taking one last huge hit of weed and spraying air deodorant in the cab.


Yeah mom, one more fare and

(takes hit of weed)

I'll be home.

(takes another hit)

Yes I know it's the Lord's birthday. It's what I do. I am careful.

(spraying deodorant)

People need rides on Christmas eve too mom. Yes, some day I'll finish school. And I won't forget the fruitcake!.....fruitcake.

(hangs up phone)


Joey pulls his cab up to the young man who is hailing him. He parks and jumps out.




Merry Christmas! you're in luck! my last fare! I'm Joey the cabbie! Any baggage? We'll just throw it in the trunk!

The YOUNG MAN, early 20's, nervous and edgy beckons MARIA, age 22 who is very pregnant to the taxi. Joey opens the door and begins to help her in. Suddenly the young man grabs Maria by the shoulder and turns her abruptly towards him.


Ok lady I did my part, where's my cash?

Joey is startled. She nods, reaches in her bag, pulls out cash and hands it to him.


Well, she's all yours. I gotta train to catch!


(thinking to himself)

They aren't together?


Maria gets into the cab as the young man begins to walk away.


Where's her luggage?!?

The young man turns around.



In her stomach! Merry Christmas!


God, I hope that ain't your baby daddy. So where we goin?

Maria hands Joey a paper with writing.


(smart ass)

Someone doesn't like to talk.

Joey looks at the paper.


Well here we go... last fare before Christmas.

As the cab pulls out, we see a hubcap come off the left rear wheel.



Did you hear something? Probably sleigh bells.

In a montage, we follow the cab onto the street as it goes by the Christmas decorations.


We see the taxi pulling into a circular drive way of a very upscale home. Joey gets out of the cab and opens the door for Maria. He then runs for the house's double doors expecting a big tip. He rings the door as Maria makes her way slowly towards the house. She is trying to signal him but he doesn't see her. The door opens revealing an older man who looks at Joey then sees Maria and notices she's pregnant. He looks back at Joey and closes the door.