Agustus Caeser was known to history  as Octavian Guis , fisrt and then as Augustus when he was adopted by Caeser.Agustus  was born in 63 BC in a relatively  patrician family. His only real  advantage in life was that his grandmother, Julia, was Julius Caesar sister. .  

When Agustus was 18 years old he went to Apollonia , In 44 BC when the news  that his uncle has been killed  in Rome. in his death-will Caesar has named Octavian as his successor and has left him three quarters of his estate . This is a upgrade to Agustus and he his ready to take control Augustus moves quickly  hurrying back to Rome, he pays honour of Caesar and raises a force of 3000 men from his uncle's veterans. But among the supporters of Caesar he has a natural opponent -Mark Antony, the dictator's trusted lieutenant, who did more than anyone to calm the situation after the Ides of Rome.
The armies of the two men meet near Modena in 43. A victory for the young and inexperienced Augustus gives him the standing to negotiate on equal terms with Antony. They made an army against the enemies of Caesar. In 42 they cross the Adriatic together in pursuit of his murderers
I drove the men who slaughtered my father Julius Ceasar into exile with a legal order, punishing their crime, and afterwards, when they waged war on the state, I conquered them in two battles.”
                                              FROM DEEDS OF THE DIVINE AUGUSTUS