Acceptable Use Policy

The following should be printed out, read by parent and student, signed by both, and returned to the teacher before classroom technology may be used.






I , __________________________________________________ , parent of ________________________________________________ , understand that the use of technology is being provided to my child in order to enhance his/her education. However, if the technology is used inappropriately, the priviledge of its use will be removed. I agree to the following expectations of the school on the use of technology:

* Students are to treat all devices with respect. This includes keeping devices away from food and beverage and transporting devices with care.

* Devices are to be used according to the rules and assignments of the teachers.

* The Internet should only be used under teacher supervision, and students should only search teacher-approved sites. No inappropriate searches are to be conducted.

* Students are not to access social media during school hours.

* Students who violate the expectations of technology use will have suspended use of the devices for a time period consistent with the severity of the violation.

* Parents will be notified of any infractions and must contact the school before usage rights will be restored to the student.


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