Safety on the Internet


It is so important to make sure our students understand that the Internet can be a very dangerous place and that not everyone on the other side of a keyboard has good intentions.

5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids video


Experts recommend several tips for staying safe on the internet:

* Don't share personal information with strangers. Even be careful of sharing information with people you think you know. This includes photographs, phone number, and address.

* Never share passwords or banking information online, particularly through unsecured means.

* Be very careful of downloading files or applications from unknown sources. These can contain viruses.

* Monitor children and teens on the internet and know what sites they frequent. News stories sometimes reveal the horrors of children being kidnapped or hurt by those they meet online.  Know What Your Children are Up To 



Check out this paper written by fellows of the Brookings Institute on the subject-  Youth Internet Safety: Risks, Responses, and Research Recommendations .  Interested in filters for young users? Several are recommended here by Scholastic- Internet Safety for Schools .