wish list

Homeroom teachers will hand out a class supply list and a wish list.  Since I am not a homeroom teacher, I usually do not receive basic classroom supplies.  I try to provide pencil and paper for the students and whatever else is needed throughout the year.  

However, if you would like to help the classroom, here is a list of things needed or wanted for my classroom:

  • tissue (it will be cold season before we know it)
  • lysol (I try to spray every day to keep 
  • i-tunes gift card (we are fortunate to have and utilize and ipod lab. However, we don't have a budget to purchase apps so a gift card to purchase educational apps would be a great asset)
  • dry-erase markers
  • magic eraser
  • small candies (as treats for good behavior)
  • age appropriate books (to have on hand for students who don't have a library book)
  • copy paper
  • colored copy paper
  • ziploc baggies (any size)
  • clorox cleaning wipes
  • wet wipes


Please continue to check this page, as I will add items to it as needed.  Thank you so much for your help