Daniel Koppel: Merrill Middle School (Int'l Magnet School) in Denver, Colorado.

Contact Information

  • danielrkoppel@gmail.com
  • Daniel_Koppel@dpsk12.org

Background and Qualifications

  • Daniel Koppel is a professionally-licensed, Secondary Language Arts and Social Studies teacher from Denver, Colorado. 
  • He has received degrees in Creative Writing and Integrated Language Arts, from Otterbein University in Columbus, Ohio.
  • His additional studies were completed at The Ohio State University.


Teaching Experience

  • Daniel has five years of teaching experience.
  • Daniel has taught 14 different courses in the areas of English, Social Studies, Public Speaking, and ELA.
  • (2008-09) He spent his first year teaching 6th grade language arts at West Middle School, in Greenwood Village, Colorado.
  • (2009-2012) He taught for three years at Legend High School, in Parker, Colorado.
  • In three years at Legend, he taught a variety of courses including American Literature, World Literature, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Speech & Debate, and fully-inclusive American Literature/Special Education.
  • (2012-13) Daniel is currently teaching English Language Acquisition in Denver Public Schools at Merrill Middle School. He teaches English, World History, US History, and Debate to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from over 25 countries.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Daniel is a sports enthusiast and has three years of coaching experience in high school basketball, at Legend High School. His overall record is 38-18.
  • He has been playing guitar for 18 years. Currently, he spends free-time sharing, writing, performing, and recording music.
  • Daniel loves to travel, ski, read, write, hike, and learn.
  • His favorite authors include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Oscar Wilde, Ayn Rand, Charles Bukowski, and Pablo Neruda.


Special Skills

  • Daniel can coach a multitude of sports, including but not limited to football, flag football, basketball, cross country, track, volleyball, baseball, swimming, golf, and tennis.
  • Daniel has been trained in AVID Strategies and has utilized them for the past five years in the classroom.
  • Technological proficiency in Moodle, BlackBoard, SmartBoard, Promethean, ActivBoard, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Garage Band (Podcasts), Inspire, and basic web design.
  • Willingness and ability to sponsor numerous clubs such as creative writing, debate, guitar, competitive speaking, photography, photo journalism, journalism, intramurals, and other activities.

Excerpts from Previous Evaluators

"Integrity.  Respect and responsibility.  Student connections.  All are qualities that comprise Legend’s educational cornerstones--the foundations of our school that generate stability as we sail on our “true north” heading.  Metaphors aside, please accept this letter of recommendation for Dan Koppel.  In the past three years, I have had the opportunity to not only to mentor and observe Dan in the Legend High School’s English department, but also to observe him in extra-curricular activities.  Dan has impressed me as an adaptable, hard-working teacher/coach who has a strong report with his students."

                                                                                                    -Jay Nelson, English Department Chair, Legend HS

"This is Dan's third year teaching English at Legend and as an assistant basketball coach. He is personable, hardworking and has a desire to not only increase his professional competence, but increase student achievement with his research and post graduate learning. Dan is a young educator with a focus on the future and a passion for curriculum and instruction. He has worked with Understanding by Design and understands intentional curricular work through our Professional Learning Communities.

In the 2+ years I have worked with Dan, he has demonstrated himself to be willing to take on responsibility and is always prepared to help with our building needs. Anytime you hire teachers in a school you need hard workers with a positive attitude. Legend is in its fourth year and we have just as many services and programs as a full comprehensive high school, with fewer people to take on responsibilities involved in these activities. Over the course of three years we have continuously asked everyone to be flexible and take on extra time. I am confident that Dan will do what is right for students, teachers, and families."

                                                                                                      -Corey Wise, Principal, Legend HS