Mrs. Gish's Classroom Websites 2012-2013

Hello! I'm Mrs. Gish and this is my first year at Landstown High School.  I have spent the last 4 years in Northern Virginia teaching World History I, Pre-AP World History I, AP World History, and US/VA Government.  I am really happy to be back home at the beach and to be teaching at Landstown High.  Please see my schedule below:

A Days:                                                                                         B Days:

1A  World History I (rm 308)                                                  1B AP US History (rm 120)

2A World History I (rm 308)                                                   2B Planning (Social Studies Office)

3A Planning (Social Studies Office)                                        3B AP US History (rm 120)

4A World History I (rm 308)                                                   4B Lunch/Study Hall (rm 117)


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