Mrs. Gish's AP US History

Welcome back! I'm Mrs. Gish and look forward to our class this year! I will see you in room 120 during 1B or 3B!

Required Materials:

  • Pen and/or a pencil
  • Three-ring binder with an ample supply of notebook paper
  • Colored pencils/Markers optional
  • 3x5 Index cards(Notecards)

Please click on the link below to find your classroom expectations: Procedures_LHS_2012_13_final.pdf

9/5: Welcome to APUSH!! It was a pleasure meeting you all today!  Today's Warm up (from princeton review) Warm Up 1 Set 1 _firstday.pdfDo not forget to get your class expectations signed by your parents for homework (its the first homework assignment).

9/7:  Today we went over warm up #2 (see me for a copy if you were absent).  We also tested our knowledge of the location of US states on a map and took a pre-test. I also assigned books.  Homework: 1 reading questions.pdf  these are due Tuesday Sept. 11.

9/11: Today we worked on the warm up, went over the homework and started chapter one discussion/notes.  Please find your warm up (from AP US princeton review 2012-2013) = Warm Up 3 Set 1.pdf; Here are a few suggestions on how to keep track of your in class notes, split column = Column Notetaking.doc or cornell notes = Notes handout.pdf; See me for a copy of the notes if you were absent.  Homework tonight: reading questions for chapter 2 due next class: 2.doc and your ch.2 thru 5 IDs are due Sept. 27 Chapters 2 through 5.doc 

9/13: today we did our warm up = Warm Up 4 Set 1.pdf went over ch. 2 homework, finished our pretest and started ch. 2 discussion/notes (we will finish these next class). Homework tonight: Chapter 3 reading questions due next class 3 reading questions.doc and your ch.2 thru 5 IDs are due Sept. 27 Chapters 2 through 5.doc

9/17: Constitution Day! We went over warm up #5 (see me for a copy if you were absent).  We reviewed chapter 3 reading questions. Finish discussion notes for Ch. 2 and had a group work assignment with Bacon's Rebellion, King Philip's War and the Pueblo Revolt.  Homework tonight: Continue working on IDs Chapters 2 through 5.doc due 9/27.

9/19: We took the warm up quiz, had a writing seminar on Free Response Questions and began discussion notes for Ch. 3.  Homework tonight: Chapter 4 Reading Questions; Continue working on IDs Chapters 2 through 5.doc due 9/27. Test on Chapter 1-4 on Thursday 9/27.