Parent Information

Cell Phones


Cell phones may not be used at any time during classes or in the hallways, or while being transported to and from school on school buses.


Dress Code

Apparel and grooming should reflect cleanliness, modesty, safety, and follow the dress code for Seminole County Public Schools. Clothing should not interfere with the educational process. Students dressed improperly will be subject to discipline, asked to change, and will not return to class until proper attire is obtained.

Students WILL do the following:

1. Wear clothing and hairstyles which are not harmful, disruptive, or hazardous to health or safety.
2. Wear appropriate undergarments at all time. Undergarments are to remain unexposed.
3. Wear shoes at all times.
4. Wear enclosed shower for physical education
5. Meet appropriate standards of cleanliness.
6. Wear shorts that are adequate in length and coverage to be considered appropriate for school. Administrators may ask a student to change if apparel is inappropriate.

1. Shorts/Skirts should reach the middle of the leg – approx. 3-4 inches above the knee.
2. Gym Shorts which are not adequate in length may not be worn during any classes except P.E.

7. Pants and shorts must be fastened and worn at the waist.

It is also expected that students WILL NOT wear the following:

1. Anything sexually suggestive, such as see-through clothing. Example: garments with low-cut necklines tend to be “sexually suggestive.”
2. Halters, backless dresses or tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, or any clothing which may be distracting, unless covered, at all times, by an appropriate outer garment.
3. Shirts or blouses tied at the midriff, clothing improperly fastened, or anything with a bare midriff. No skin may be exposed at the midriff. Slacks or pants which fall below the waist must be covered by an appropriate shirt or blouse.
4. Caps, sweat bands, hats, hose hats, hoods, sunglasses, or goggles in school buildings and other designated areas. Note: The entire campus is designated as areas where head coverings cannot be carried or worn during the school day (7AM - 3PM). Bandanas and triangle scarves are considered to be "hats." hats will be confiscated; parents must pick up any item confiscated.
5. Chains or wallet chains.
6. Pajamas, and pajama pants.
7. Hair curlers or other grooming aids. Students may not use a comb or brush anywhere except in the rest rooms and locker rooms.
8. Unsafe footwear. Example: Shower Shoes and slippers.
9. Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges, or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs, or other illegal activity.
10. Apparel or symbols identified with gang involvement, participation, or membership.
11. Clothing or garments (such as black trench coat) that are associated with violence.
12. Unsafe jewelry, including, but not limited to, spiked wristbands, spiked colors, spiked rings, and razor necklaces.


Eating and drinking is permissible in the cafeteria and REF room. No food or drinks are permitted in any other areas of the campus. Gum chewing is not permitted.

I.D. Cards

Student I.D. cards should be carried while on campus. I.D. cards will be used to gain access to media computers and the Internet. I.D. cards are make in the Media Center. Replacement I.D.'s are available at a cost of $5. Seniors will receive Senior I.D.'s at the beginning of their Senior year free of charge.

Leaving Campus

All students must sign out through the Attendance Office with permission from a parent or guardian to leave campus for any reason.


Students will be provided lockers to store their belongings. The school does not assume responsibility for books or belongings taken from lockers. LOCKERS ARE PROVIDED FOR USE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES; STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN COMBINATION LOCKS. Lockers are School Board property and are subject to search under Florida State Statute 232.256.

Lost and Found

Articles lost of found are taking to the Discipline Office. (This does not include articles lost on the bus.)


Seminole County Pubic School have a drug-free policy. Proper forms must be file in the Attendance Office or in the Clinic in order to possess any medication. A Self-Adminstered Medication Authorization form signed by a doctor and a parent must be on file during the entire school year. All prescribed medication to be self-adminstered at school must be in original containers. The amount carried by the student shall not exceed the daily dosage. The authorization is valid for one school and must be renewed each school year. Formal authorization must be on file in the Clinic.



1. Obtain Parking Application from the Discipline Office.
2. Fill out the application and bring the following items to the Discipline Office.
a. Notarized Application (Notaries are available at LMHS, Parent must be present for Notarization)
b. Copy of students’ Valid Driver’s License
c. Copy of Insurance on Vehicle
d. Copy of Current Vehicle Registration
3. Upon turning in the above stated items, the student will be issued a receipt that must be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle. This will serve as a temporary decal until the official LMHS Decal is placed on the vehicle.
4. The final step is to have school personnel place the sticker on the inside of the vehicles windshield. This can be done after school on Thursday’s only. Students are instructed to meet school personnel by the LMHS Marquee located in the student parking lot. (The Marquee closest to Longwood Lake Mary Rd.)


(ONLY SENIORS & Juniors WHEN parking becomes available will be permitted to purchase and park on campus)


1) All cars must be registered with the school and have a valid parking decal. Parking decals shall be displayed on the inside front left windshield of the vehicle. If displayed in any other manner discipline action may be taken.

2) Students are to park in the designated STUDENT PARKING AREAS only.

3) Students are not permitted in the parking lot during school hours without administrative approval.

4) No decals will be issued to vehicles with Out-of-State Tags.

5) The price of a parking decal is $70.00* (subject to change per School Board review) a year as per the Seminole County School Board. (Decals will not be sold by the semester.) Replacement passes are only issued with administrative approval.

6) No student shall drive faster than 10 miles per hour on school grounds.
Students may only drive on officially designated driving areas. Students who drive irresponsibly or recklessly are subject to disciplinary procedures including but not limited to revocation of driving privileges.

7) Vehicles shall be parked with the front to the curb to allow proper monitoring of cars and bumper stickers.

8) Students who have a decal, but drive another vehicle in an emergency situation or purchase a new vehicle need to report to the discipline office immediately on the morning that the vehicle is parked on campus to obtain a temporary decal.

The administration reserves the right to establish additional regulations as deemed necessary.


Student Conduct

A complete copy of the Seminole County Code Of Conduct of Student Conduct is provided for all Lake Mary High School students. The code of conduct provides an explanation of the responsibilities and rights of students with regard to attendance, directory information, respect for persons and property, knowledge and observation of rules of conduct, the right to lear, free speech and student publications, assembly, privacy, and participation in school programs and activities. (Download the PDF or view the Seminole County School Board website for this information)


Students must be in their seats at the tardy bell. Tardies are counted by class for each nine weeks. Three tardies will count as an absence for exam exemption purposes. Detentions will be assigned for tardiness as follows:

1 hour Wednesday School
2 hour Wednesday School
2 hour Wednesday School
Saturday School

Unauthorized Areas

Students in hallways during class time without a signed student planner hall pass are considered out of area. During school hours, students are not permitted in the parking lot. Students must have administrative approval for any exceptions. During period lunches, students are restricted to the REF room, cafeteria, and back patio. The Media Center may be utilized during lunch with a pass from the REF room security staff.