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School Events

Please remember that there is no school on January 16th in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Holiday.  On January 23rd, we will welcome a guest speaker.  Arielle Waller’s grandfather, Tony Perez, former baseball player and Hall of Fame inductee will discuss teamwork and sportsmanship with the class at 1:00 pm.  Parents are invited to come share in this event if schedules allow.

Wall of Fame

Please check out our spotlighted student this month, Miss Diamond Daniels.  Diamond began last quarter with no previous golf experience.  Through perseverance, dedication, hard work and a never-give-up attitude, Diamond completed nine holes of golf at the end-of-the-quarter golf outing event, and receives Most Improved Student Award! Please join us in congratulating Diamond on a job well done!


  Special Assignments

Those students unable to participate due to illness or injury should complete written assignments corresponding to our sports activity.  These can be obtained in the labeled bin outside the gym office and should be completed and returned the following day.

Week of January 2, 2012-Basketball Unit

  • Monday-Dribbling Skills
  • Tuesday-Passing
  • Wednesday-Shooting:Lay-up/Jump-shots
  • Thursday-Rules of the Game
  • Friday-Putting it all Together*

*Mini-scrmmage last 20 min of class-parents welcome to cheer on our athletes!


Follow the Leader Fitness Fun

Follow the leader fitness fun is a fun way to involve the whole family in fitness and set a good example. You can do this workout anywhere, inside, outside, at home, a park or the beach, and no equipment is needed. Begin with slow movement such as marching or walking with silly arms and hands for five to eight minutes. Next, move into the active phase of faster, bigger movement, such as kicks, punches, jumps and sprints for 15 to 30 minutes. Follow this with movements that utilize body resistance, such as leap frog, burpees, push-ups and sit-ups for five to 10 minutes. Then, end with a cool-down and stretch. Have the children follow you as the leader for most of the movements and then switch off and have them come up with some on their own.

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