My Classroom Website

I hope you enjoy navigating my education website, which provides information for students, parents and administrators. Inside, you will find my cv, philosophy of education, pictures and videos of my past and present students in action, as well as memories from  the Oracle Thinkquest competition and our second place finish.
Thinkquest Live in San Francisco was a profound experience for the amazing group of students I had the pleasure of  guiding along with my friend and colleague Fulya Donnelly.  We have received more acclaim that we deserve, as it is the students who made it happen.
For my students, enjoy the pictures and videos of yourselves in action.  Check the site from time to time as I update it regularly. 
For prospective administrators Sisli Terakki, the school I teach at, has been in the process of IB consideration for 2 years now and the school will be a candidate school from January 2009 on.  We hold meetings with class teachers, and plan what PYP themes are to be implemented. As  language teachers, we decide what kind of language activities can be implemented to enhance learning and promote interdisciplinary connections. 
Kindly leave a comment, as this site is a work in progress and constructive criticism is welcome.
Thank you for visiting my site.