Les regles de Madame dans la classe de Francais 2

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French 2

Syllabus and classroom policy


Madame Rose

























French 2 

Syllabus and classroom policy


Teacher: Madame  Rose                       

Phone: 847-366-2922(cell)


 E-mail: drose@waukeganschool.org





This course is designed to continue to develop the student’s proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

The student’s vocabulary will be expanded and grammar base strengthened.  Although grammar explanations will be given in English.  The goal is to maintain  a French speaking classroom atmosphere.  There will continue to be focus on culture awareness of the contemporary French speaking world.

We cover Allez-Viens from chapter 1 to chapter 10



By the end of the year, students will be able to:


  • Engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions in French
  • Understand and interpret French in its written and spoken forms
  • Present information, concepts and ideas to audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics
  • Demonstrate  an understanding of the relationship between the practices, products, and perspectives of the culture studied



  1. Discuss French in Paris, Quebec, Abidjan, Martinique, Aix-en Provence, Tours
  2. Discuss traveling to Francophone countries
  3. Talk about childhood experiences and family relationships
  4. Describe cities,  ask for and give directions
  5. talk nature, ecology and outdoor activities
  6. Discuss how to have a healthy lifestyle




  • Listening and speaking activities with CD and video programs
  • Reading activities
  • Writing activities and projects
  • Homework
  • Individual/pair/group work
  • Oral and written Quizzes and Tests




            You are required to bring the following to my class every day otherwise students will sign in my classroom management.

1.    French Textbook( I will supply it), workbook.

2.    Pens, pencils

3.     One binder or folder just  for  French.

4.    Loose leaf notebook paper (2 sets)

5.   One stenobook or composition note book for vocabulary.  You will receive ½ credits for any work that are not done in stenobook.





          1 Respect for your classmates and teacher must be maintained at all time.

          2. Tardy:  When the bell rings, students must be in their seat or they will be marked tardy and participation points will be deducted.

They will have to sign in my classroom management.


    Students are in the hallways or walk into my classroom when the bell rings    will not receive full credit for participation


   3. Raise your hand before speaking

   4. Do not interrupt teacher and the other students

   5. Do not leave your seat to wander my classroom

   6. Bring your French materials to class every day otherwise you have to                 sign my classroom management sheet.

   7. No food, drinks, walkmans and hat in my class.

   8. No other subjects to be worked on in French class otherwise you have to sign my classroom management sheet (please the explanation at the end of my syllabus)

   9. Remain in your seat until the bell rings.

  10. No cheating in French class.  Cheating includes:

·         Turning in someone else’s work as your own.

·         Talking at any time during a quiz or test

·         Looking at someone else’s paper while taking a test or a quiz

·         Allowing another student to copy answers off your test or quiz

Failure to comply with any of the above will result in loss of the merit points and Detention with teacher.  If you are caught cheating, you will loose 50% of the total grade of that assignment



Your quarter grade will be calculated in the following manner:

I use Waukegan grading system


·         60% Assessments/ Performances/ Tests

·         40 %Practice/building of skills /class work/ Homework/ Participation


For your participation grade please note the following:

·         Each act of participation is tallied on the seating chart.  If you participate actively in my French class, at the end of each grading period, you should receive 100 points

·         Writing or listening activities in class

·         Notes checking

·         Classroom management( Calendar )  from 150 to 200 points

You will loose 20 points if you lost your calendar and you need to draw one.

·         If you have an unexcused absence you can not make up any group or individual assignments on that day.

But you will have 5 days to make up any missing homework, quiz or test on that day.


ALL MAKE – UP QUIZZES AND TEST ARE  8th period only, room 230 (other wise I  will tell you).



Your semester grade will be calculated in the following manner:

Quarter 1:40%                            Quarter 3:40%

Quarter 2: 40%                           Quarter 4:40%

Semester exam: 20%                   Semester exam: 20%


Grading scale: A    90----100%           D 60-----69%

                        B     80----89%            F   59------0%

                        C     70-----79%



Homework will be graded on completeness not on correctness.  In order to have full credit for your HW, you must complete & show it to me when I check it.  My general policy is:  NO WORK------NO CREDIT.  If you forget your homework in your locker, I will give you a pass to go get it.  You will receive full credit.  I DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE DAY LATE HOMEWORK.


Definition of late homework: If you can not show to me the homework when I check it, your homework will be a late homework.  You will receive ½ credits.


If you have an absence, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to come and talk to me or classmates to get the missing assignments/ notes.  It is also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to reschedule any quiz or test you may have missed. I do not remind students about quizzes, tests, projects or HW. It is your responsibility to read your French syllabus every day.



If you are absent, YOU HAVE FIVE DAYS INCLUDING THE DAY YOU RETURN  to make-up all the missing assignments: homework, quiz and test.


For Projects please note:

Projects can be made up as long as I receive a letter or a phone call from parents/guardians within five days, indicating the reason why the project was not turned in.  Turned in projects without a letter or a phone call from parents will receive 50 % of the total grade of that project.  Students will receive Zero if I do not receive the projects.


Students fail to schedule an appointment with ME to make up quiz, test, homework or project in their allowed period will receive a Zero (0) for the missing quiz, test, homework and project.


Students will be given a schedule for homework, quiz, test and project at the beginning of the week.  There is


No excuse for not knowing when quizzes, tests, homework or projects are given.


Note: Field trips do not excuse you from the next day’s work, quiz or test.    You are responsible for any missing instruction on that day.


Make up quizzes, tests will  be taken 8 th period  only and within 5 days.


Parents may call me to assist in making this arrangement at: 847-366-2922 or email me at: drose@waukeganschools.org




































Please read my classroom policy carefully and discuss it with your child.

Please sign and turn this page on the due day students will earn 50 points in homework or after the due day will be 25 points for this classroom policy.


Dear Madame Rose,

Yes, I have read your classroom rules with my son/daughter_______________________________________ and agree to help my son/daughter follow them.


My home phone is_________________________________________


The best time to call me is___________________________________


My work phone is__________________________________________


The best time to call me is___________________________________


Our home address is________________________________________


My e-mail is_______________________________________________


Date: _________________________2012-2013


Signed: _____________________________________

            (Please print Parent’s name)


           (Parent’s signature)



I agree to follow these rules and I have shared them with my parents.


Signed: ______________________________________

           (Please print Student’s name)


_________________________(student’s signature)