Religion/Bucket Fillers

This year, the entire school will be learning how to be "bucket fillers".  Everyone has an imaginary bucket inside that holds all of your good thoughts or happy feelings.  If you want to have a full bucket and happy life, you must be kind!  Every time you say or do something thoughtful or caring, you add good thoughts and feelings to someone's bucket.  This makes you a bucket filler.  Taken from Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life by Carol McCloud

In our 4th grade classroom we will be filling each other's buckets with cotton balls.  We will not win a prize for filling a bucket...unless you count the happiness we feel inside!  Instead of prizes, when a bucket is filled, it will get a sticker and will be emptied to start all over again.  The teachers at Holy Rosary Wea are hoping the kids will get a lot from this activity throughout the year and hopefully it will carry over into their lives.