Class Policies



Ms. Darlow

I will maintain a respectful learning community and environment of scientific inquiry.  To achieve this, I have established a few policies.  All members of the classroom community are expected to follow these rules.  I will consistently enforce the consequences listed for not following these rules in order to maintain a fair and orderly classroom.

In addition to all rules listed, I enforce all policies of the students’ handbook.


1. Watch your mouth.

Hateful comments will not be tolerated.  This applies to serious or “joking” comments. Profanity is unacceptable in the classroom.  

We strive for an academic environment where all are treated with respect.  We will learn together, listening to others ideas and contributing positively to the learning community.

2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Refrain from physical contact of any kind.

3. Stay in your seat.

Be in the correct seat when the bell rings.  Do not walk around during class unless instructed to do so.

4. No electronics.

No phones, Ipods, cameras, or electronics of any kind in the classroom.  There is a clock on the wall so you do not need to check the time on your phone.

5. Follow directions the first time they are given.

To make the most of the instructional time we have together, it is your responsibility to listen to directions and follow them.

If you choose to break a rule:

1st Incident- Warning.
2nd Incident- Completion of “My Action Plan” and phone call home.
3rd Incident- Detention and phone call home.
4th Incident- Administrative referral and phone call home.
*Warnings carry over entire week, erased on Fridays.

A student who is not in the classroom when the bells rings is late.  Late students need to sign their name on the clipboard by the door (so they are not mistakenly marked absent).  Students with a pass need to clip it to the clipboard, and will receive no penalty.  After signing the clipboard and clipping the pass to the clipboard, students should go to their seat without disturbing class.
Students without a pass will be counted tardy.
Tardy Policy as in the student handbook:
3rd Tardy- 1 hour detention
6th Tardy- 2 hour detention
9th Tardy- 3 hour detention
12th Tardy- 1 day in In-house Learning Center (ILC)

All students are expected to use fair and genuine means for accomplishing tests, tasks, and projects.  Students found plagiarizing, copying, or cheating in any way will receive automatic zeros and phone calls home.  A write-up of the incident will be given to an administrator.  Repeated offenses may result in a failing grade for the quarter or semester.

Students are responsible for making up assignments missed during excused absences.  The student has as many days as he or she was absent to make up the assignments.  It is up to the student to check the Class Log Binder and Extra Handouts Box for what was missed.  Unexcused absences void all make-up privileges.

Work habits count as 10% of class grade.  This includes habits of turning work in late. See syllabus for specific grading of homework. Late work will not be accepted after the relevant unit is finished (after the chapter test or project).

Students with excused absences are responsible for scheduling make-up tests or quizzes during lunch or after school.