Classroom Procedures

Ms. Darlow

We are together for only 50 short minutes each day. To make the most of this time we must maintain an organized, efficient classroom.  In order to do this, I have established some procedures for daily class routines.  As a student it is your responsibility to learn and follow these procedures.

Most common Procedures:

Entering the room:
Students are expected to enter the room without running, screaming or otherwise causing a disturbance.  When you enter, you should pick up any handouts in the basket at the front table.  You should then get anything you need from around the room (pencil sharpening, grade check, tissue, etc.). Once seated, write down the day’s assignment from the side of the chalkboard.  Then begin the bellwork shown on the front screen.  You can also use this time before the bell rings to speak with me.  Once the bell rings you should be seated with all necessary materials ready.

Everyday begins with bellwork.  You will find the bellwork on the front screen.  Bellwork should be started before the bell rings.  Bellwork may involve answer a couple questions in your science notebook or filling out a form.  Bellwork is required classwork.
Picking up materials:

Coming to attention:
When I need to quiet the class, I will raise my hand.  When you see this, I expect you to stop your conversation or work, look at me and raise your hand.  

Arriving late:
When you enter the classroom late (for whatever reason), sign your name and appropriate information on the clipboard by the door.  If you have a pass, clip it to the clipboard.  If you must speak to me, sign in, go to your seat and raise your hand when appropriate.

Leaving the classroom:
The bell does not dismiss class, I do.  Do not pack up or leave your seat until I dismiss the class.  If you choose to pack up or stand up early, you will be the last to leave the room.

Getting work when absent:
Check the Class Log Binder for what was accomplished in class on the date you missed.  Check the Extra Handouts Box for any assignments or handouts listed in the Binder.  If you still have questions after checking the Binder and Box, speak with me before or after class, or immediately after school.

Using the bathroom:
You will be given three bathroom pass slips per semester.  Use them wisely; once you have used these, you will not be allowed to leave the room during class.  Any extra passes you have at the end of the semester will count for 1 homework grade each.

All homework assignments should be taped or glued (not stapled) into your science notebook.  These will be checked for completion during bellwork and will be entered on the last day of the chapter or unit.

Classwork should be completed in your science notebook or taped or glued in.  These will be checked for completion and then entered on the last day of the chapter or unit.

Make-up tests and re-takes:
If you are absent for the day of a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to talk with me before or after class to schedule a time to make-up the test after school or during lunch.  

If you are unsatisfied with a score on a test, talk to me about what can be done to improve this score, if a retake is appropriate, extra practice work will be required to prepare and a retake must be scheduled in the same way as a make-up test.

These are only the most common procedures.  Throughout the year there will be other procedures which will need to be followed to have an orderly, learning oriented class.