General Procedure

I am not checking any books - notebooks, assignment books or practical notebooks, except for notebooks at the end of each term.  Since there was no check on notebooks at the end of the second term, they will be checked early in the third term.  Students should write their own notes, using my Worknotes and examples, and extra items given in class, and from other resources such as a text-book.  The Worksheets after marking should be added to the notebooks, and corrections should ideally be made.

I am now using a "paper-based" system with Worksheets and Assignments, one page of each given to each group.  They contain the main facts, ideas and examples, and they will gain credit when completed (on-time).

Sometimes the class will begin with questions on the board with a time for completion.

This term practical work is difficult to do, since the physics lab is being used until the beginning of June.  We will do what we can.

An occasional video will be presented, usually relevant to the current topic, and a page of notes from this should be submitted for credit after viewing.  This term a number of the videos will have to wait until June to be seen.

An occasional test will be given.

If students are serious and work hard, they will do well!