biggest cloud storage companies


Personal cloud storage is everything that is required to keep any particular data safely in a place. There are a variety of names for this purpose but here we will represent some of the biggest cloud storage companies. These all are enough to make your data storage task easy and secure. These all are top cloud storage companies in USA.

What Are The Biggest Cloud Storage Companies?

Here is the list mentioned of top cloud storage providers in USA. 

  • pCloud

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • Icedrive

pCloud: Top Cloud Storage Companies

pCloud is one of the biggest cloud storage companies that offer a secure way to keep your files and folder. A pCloud promo code offer is active that offers you a huge discount on this storage application. This allows its users a large space that makes it possible to keep your files in a larger size. It offers a variety of features that are described below:

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  • File-Sharing: It offers various secure sharing options that make your files and folder available on almost every device. You can also share your files by allowing or denying permission to view or edit them. It also has the option of keeping private your shared files by applying a password to it.
  • Security: Its TLS or SSL encryption service makes your stored information secure. The client-side program allows users to have end-to-end encryption which means that no one can get access to it except you. It is one of the most advanced cloud storage.
  • Backup option: It has a real-time backup option on your PC. There is not any limit on file size and speed. You can access it from any device like any desktop or phone or through any browser extension. You have the chance to get a pCloud lifetime deal that let you get this software lifetime plan at a lower cost. It is also one of the free cloud storage for photos.

Google Cloud Storage: Biggest Cloud Storage Companies

It is one of the largest cloud storage providers in USA. It is the most considered cloud storage provider that is controlled by Google. Here check out its core features:
Transition To Lower Cost: This can configure your data at a lower cost with the OLM (object lifestyle management) function.

  • Easy Data Transfer: It storage transfer service is quite effective that makes the transfer process quick and easy.
  • Archive Storage: It can store your data and archive for up to one year at a lower cost. The nearline storage can store your data for up to 30 days including all multimedia content. 

Icedrive: largest Cloud Storage Providers

Icedrive offers a free plan of 10GB that is worth trying and it is one of the most common cloud storage. Here are some of its features:

  • Twofish Encryption: This makes it more secure and your data information safe. This means it won’t get leaked and any third party can’t get access to it. 
  • Virtual Drive: It works just like any hard disk or USB does. You can transfer, edit, share or save any files and folders to any other device. You can get access to them from any device and from anywhere like from Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, or through any browser extension.
  • Client-Side & Zero Knowledge: This makes sure that only you can check out your stored data and no one other can get access to it.


These are the top 3 cloud storage providers in that care available all of them offer a free plan. You can choose one of them and try their free plan. If you found them use them then, shift to their paid plan.