How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working Problems

Yahoo is one of the best emailing platforms that have gained millions of users with time. Yahoo is known for its advanced and user-friendly features, but instances occur when Yahoo users encounter some issues when Yahoo stops responding and they wonder why is my yahoo mail not working. This issue gets even more annoying when you are in urgent need of accessing your mails. However, this issue can be solved if the troubleshooting part is done properly.


How to Fix yahoo mail Issue


Here are some of the solutions mentioned below, following which you can fix the issue of yahoo mail not working with much ease.


  • Check your internet connection if it's proper or not, as this is one of the major reasons for many issues, so make sure that you are connected to a strong source of internet connection.


  • This issue might arise because of browser extensions, as these extensions block the appropriate functioning of Yahoo mail. So make sure to turn off all the browser extensions temporarily.


  • This issue also occurs because of using an incompatible version of the browser, so ensure that the browser you are using is updated to its latest version.


  • Yahoo mail is all about JavaScript, which means it is the most important to run properly on the browser. Make sure to enable the JavaScript if it is disabled, as disabled JavaScript creates several technical glitches.


  • When you see that your yahoo mail is not functioning properly after logging into your account, try to clear the browser's cache and cookies to ensure the smooth functioning of the browser.


That was all about how you can get the issue of yahoo mail not working fixed. Hopefully, you find this guide helpful in getting rid of the problem.


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