How to Turn Off Google SafeSearch on Various Browsers

Google Search's SafeSearch prevents you from seeing explicit content in your search results. To see this content, you need to turn off SafeSearch first. SafeSearch by Google blocks images, texts, or entire web pages inappropriate for young users based on its algorithms. However, Google SafeSearch may also block access to many perfectly acceptable websites and content an adult might want to view, so you should know how to turn off Google SafeSearch. With SafeSearch, which can be locked on and turned off only with a password, parents can feel secure while their children browse. Schools or workplaces can limit the type of searches that can be performed. This blog explains how to disable Google SafeSearch on various browsers for desktops.

Steps to Turn Google SafeSearch Off on Various Browsers


You can go through the below step by step process to disable the SafeSearch on various browsers listed below:


  1. Turn Off Google SafeSearch
  • It is easy to disable SafeSearch from Google's preferences. Open the 'Google Search' settings. Then, click on the 'SafeSearch' tab.
  • You can revert these changes by selecting 'Turn on SafeSearch' in the Google Search settings. 
  • To revert these changes, keep the 'Turn on SafeSearch' check box selected. 
  • Then, scroll down to this page and select 'Save.' Check whether SafeSearch is enabled by performing a Google search.


  1. Turn Off Bing SafeSearch 
  • The SafeSearch controls for Bing are prominently displayed in the menu. You can select the option there and set the level of SafeSearch for it.
  • First, open the Bing.
  • Then, select the 'Menu' icon.
  • Now, select the SafeSearch and select 'Off.'
  • Further, scroll down and select 'Save.'
  • You can revert the changes by selecting 'Strict' or 'Moderate,' then selecting 'Save.' To verify the results, perform a Bing search.
  1. Turn Off Mozilla Firefox SafeSearch

To know how to turn off SafeSearch on Mozilla Firefox, you may need to reset the New Tab page: type about:config into the address bar, press 'Enter.' When Firefox presents a warning, accept it, scroll down to 'browser.newtab.url' and make sure that 'Value' is set to 'about:newtab' (right click - Modify), so that you can change it as necessary (be careful not to change anything else). You can then restart Firefox if necessary.

From the above guide you can easily disable or turn off the Google SafeSearch on various browsers. The only thing is you just need to follow the steps above, and your job will be done.

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