Schedule / Planning / Contact

Class Schedule

 Time                              Hour                              Class

7:49-8:44                                 First Hour                                 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

8:48-9:41                                 Second Hour                            Planning

9:45-10:40                               Third Hour                               7th Grade Math

10:44-11:37                             Fourth Hour                             7th Grade Math

11:41-12:34                             Fifth Hour                                 8th Grade ASE (Room 711)

12:34-1:06                               Lunch

1:10-2:03                                 Sixth Hour                                7th Grade Math

2:07-3:00                                 Seventh Hour                           7th Grade Math

Contact Information for Conferences

All of my conferences can be scheduled during second hour or after school.  To make an appointment, please contact the school at 337-463-9083 or email me at


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