Roman Web Quest

Ancient Rome - Web Quest

Mrs. Davis' Class - Lancaster High School

Introduction -

Have you ever heard, "All roads lead to Rome?" In this web quest, you will discover why this is true. You will also learn how the Romans have contributed to our life today. You will complete activities about Roman Emperors, technology, architecture and gladiators.

Task -

Over the next couple of days, you will follow the directions to explore and learn about Ancient Rome. It is very  important that you complete each task as instructed. Do not waste your time! This grade will count twice.


Follow the link below and complete Templates 3, 6, 7, and 8. The templates have been printed for you and placed in your folder. Follow directions under the template to complete the assignment.

Using the link below, create a page in Word to give more information about Ancient Rome. You may use fun facts and pictures from this website. Please print your paper and include in your portfolio.

Evaluation -

Your grade will be evaluated on neatness, completion, and creativity.

Credits -

Social Studies WebQuest
Created by Joan Easton and Patricia A. Russac
Buckley Country Day School - September 2003