The American Revolution

The American Revolution

Introduction - Thus far, you have learned about the history of the 13 colonies and the relationship of the colonies with Great Britain. In this project, you will learn about important people and battles, and the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

Tasks- You will work with your team to research your topic and create a PowerPoint.

Process- Find your group listed below and your topic. Your team will work together to divide the research and create a PowerPoint.

Group Assignment
Group 1 Major Causes
Group 2 People: John Adams, Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, Marquis de Lafayette
Group 3 Spies
Group 4 Flags of American Revolution
Group 5 Battles: Concord/Lexington, Saratoga, Trenton
Group 6

Battles/Events: Valley Forge, Yorktown

Group 7 Battles of SC: Buford Massacre, Ft. Moultrie, Hanging Rock, Camden, Cowpens

 PowerPoint- Slide 1 should include your group assignment and the members of your team. Site your sources on the last slide. Each slide should have a heading and be easy to read. Use bullets when listing facts. You may include maps and links to other sites. Do NOT copy a PowerPoint that you find on the internet! When listing battles, include the dates and importance of each. You should also describe the battle as much as possible.



SC Battles:

Best websites for all topics:

Many topics:

This is a list of suggested websites. You may use other sites, just be sure to site them on last slide. Do NOT use wikipedia.