Westward Expansion

Before you work on project you must login to USA Test Prep and take the benchmark test listed under the tab "Assignments." Click on the link below to log in: (Should take you less than 10 minutes)


In this project, you will explain the impact and challenges of westward movement. You should discuss manifest destiny, territorial acquistions, the Texas Revolution, the Mexican-American War, the displacement of natives and the California Gold Rush.

Use the website listed below to create an animation about Westward Expansion. When you create an account at this website, write down your username and password. The email you use should be fictious. It could be firstname.lastname@yahoo.com. Makes sure you write this down! If you forget, you will not be able to retrieve your animation and you will recieve a zero for this assessment. Your animation must be appropriate for school.



  • You will only receive 10 dialogue lines, so make sure you plan ahead and fit all topics in dialogue.
  • The set-up is very easy - each screen ask you to choose setting, people, etc. Click "next" after each one. If the button changes to "upgrade"  then you have chosen an option you must pay for. Change it!
  • You can change the voice of your characters.
  • Make sure it is appropriate for school.
  • Check over rubric below.
  • Write down your fictious email and your password!

In order to receive credit for each topic, you must clearly state in your animation what each topic is about.

Rubric -

Manifest Destiny - 20 points

The Texas Revolution - 20 points

The Mexican-American Revolution - 20 points

The Gold Rush - 20 points

Displacement of Natives - 20 points