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PowerPoint tutorial: Hyperlink

Tutorial: How to Hyperlink in PowerPoint


These instructions will allow you to create a multiple choice answer template to use for tests and instructional materials. Creating a hyperlink is what allows this presentation to operate as it is intended. Being able to format presentations with hyperlinks is a skill that will enable you to construct creative and individually personalized materials.


For the purpose of this tutorial the template will be for a 2 answer presentation. This template is based off a 3-slide series per question; slide #1 for the question and answer choices, slide #2 for the incorrect answer feedback and slide #3 for the correct answer feedback. 


  1. Open a new PowerPoint presentation. The first slide is the title slide; it can be used to introduce the topic of the template. After the title slide create 3 new slides in the slide show by clicking on the Home tab and clicking on the New Slide button 3 to insert 3 blank slides.


  1. Click on the first slide after the title slide, this will be the slide #1 in the 3 slide series. On this slide enter the first question in the title text box: Who is the first president of the United States? In the lower text box enter the 2 answer choices: George Washington, Johnny Appleseed.


  1. Click on slide #2 in the series. In the title text box enter negative feedback for the incorrect answer choice: Sorry, try again.


  1. Click on slide #3 in the series. In the title text box enter the positive feedback for the correct answer choice: Correct, good work!


  1. Now format the hyperlinks. Click on slide #1, click the Insert tab and select the Shapes button. A drop-down gallery of shapes will appear. At the bottom of the gallery are Action Buttons. Select the last button in the row, Action Button: Custom      


  1. The cursor will become a cross hair. Use the cross hair to click and drag the action button so it covers the first answer choice: George Washington. When you release the click an Action Settings dialogue box will appear.


  1. In the Action Settings box click on the circle next to Hyperlink to. Click on the down arrow below that, from the drop-down menu select Slide, a Hyperlink to slide dialogue box will appear. Select Correct, good work! Click ok on that dialogue box, click ok on the Action Settings dialogue box.


  1. Repeat the process for the incorrect answer choice on slide #1. “Insert” tab, “Shapes” button, “Action Button: Custom”, use the cross hair to click and drag the action button so it covers the 2nd answer choice: Johnny Appleseed.  The “Action Settings” dialogue box will appear.


  1. Click on “Hyperlink to”, click on the down arrow, select “Slide”. The “Hyperlink to slide” dialogue box will appear. Select “Sorry, try again.” Click “ok”, click “ok” on the “Action Settings” dialogue box.


  1. The answer choices have been hyperlinked to their corresponding response slide. Now you will want to format the hyperlink so it is a transparent hyperlink. Click on the colored action button over the first response, right click and drop-down menu will appear. Select Format Shape at the bottom of the menu. A Format Shape dialogue box will appear.


  1.  On the left side of the box click Fill, on the right side of the box click on No fill. This will remove the color from the action button.


  1. On the left side of the box click on Line color, on the right side of the box click on No line. This will remove the outline of the action button.


  1. Repeat steps 10, 11 and 12 for the second answer choice.


  1. Now format slide #2, the incorrect answer choice slide. Click on “Insert” tab, click on “Shapes” button, select “Action Button: Custom” for the drop-down box. Use the cross hair to click and drag the action button so it covers almost the entire slide.


  1. From the “Action Settings” dialogue box click on “Hyperlink to”. Click on the down arrow, select “Previous slide”. Click ok. This slide is now hyperlinked back to the question slide.


  1. Remove the color and line fill from the action button. Click on the “Action button”, the drop-down menu will appear, select “Format shape”. The “Format shape” dialogue box will appear. Repeat steps number 11 and 12.


  1. Click on slide #3, the correct answer choice slide. Repeat the instructions in step 13 and 14 until you click on the down arrow. From the menu select “Next slide”. Now this slide is hyperlinked to the next question slide. Insert 3 new slides for the next 3 slide series.


  1. Repeat the instructions in step 15 to remove the color and line fill.


You have now completed the steps to format the hyperlinks in the multiple choice 3 slide series. To add more questions repeat the steps for a 3 slide series for each question. If you would like to add more answer choices be sure to hyperlink all the incorrect answer choices back to the question slide so the student can try again to find the correct answer. The more you practice the more routine these steps become. Soon you will be constructing amazing presentations.  



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