Need to Know Terms

Terms to know:

Action Button: A type of shape that can be inserted into the slide that has a specific default behavior. When the action button is clicked it will hyperlink to a preprogrammed location in the presentation.

Contextual Tabs: These tabs are hidden until you select a specific drawing operation. This example shows the Contextual Tab “Drawing Tools/Format” that appears after the WordArt tool is inserted into the slide.

Cross hair: The cursor will change to a cross hair ( + ) when you select an action that enables you to resize a text book or object to the desired shape and size.

Dialogue Box: A pop up window that contains options, styles or procedures that can be applied to the objects in the slide.

Down Arrow: A small arrow pointing down placed next to buttons in the ribbon. The down arrow indicates there is a style or properties gallery that can be displayed if the arrow is clicked.

Drop-down Gallery: A display of styles and properties that can be applied to the selected object. The gallery will display the styles in thumbnail previews.

Hyperlink: An object in the document that links (or moves) to another place or. It can link to another place within the same document, to another document or an internet site.

Ribbon: The ribbon is a rectangle strip at the top of the screen. It contains tabs that house all the tools and options that can be applied to your project while operating in PowerPoint.

Tabs: Headings that can be selected to access the tools in their contents.

Transparent Hyperlink: A clear hyperlink object that has been formatted to remove fill color and line color.