Current Lessons


Accelerated Reader (AR): We have reached the midway point for first trimester. Your child should have 5 AR points by now in order to make the trimester goal of 10 points. Please check your child’s Friday folder for weekly point updates.

Weekly Stories:

We spent the first three stories completing the tests together and without having grades assigned. Your child is having the tests read aloud on Friday and grades now count. At the beginning of 2nd trimester your child will be expected to read the tests by himself /herself.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the ePortfolio questionnaire.

I will send more information home and keep you updated as we work on this project. The students have already completed their first step which is writing a paragraph about themselves. As we go into thecomputer lab, the students willbe keeping a journal of thingsthey learned and adding to their portfolio weekly. I will send home usernames and passwords shortly so you can see your child’s work.